Sleeve Bearings

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A sleeve bearing is a type of plain bearing that can handle high loads and velocities. Sleeve bearings help make engines run smoothly and quietly. These durable and long lasting bearings can also perform well in other high-load, high-velocity applications, such as machines and turbines. Choose from standard and flanged sleeve bearings in a wide range of sizes and a variety of material types. 

Sleeve bearings offer several advantages, including lower cost, less maintenance, greatly reduce noise at low speeds and easier installation. Sleeve bearing performance is also marked by a higher load capacity, especially shock load resistance due to their greater contact zone. Sleeve bearings with a conformal liner compensate for misalignment issues and vibration damping, these one-piece design low-friction bearings reduce housing dimensions and weight by having a thin wall section.

ISOSTATIC AA-1051-3 Sleeve Bearings

Open 2.540 kg
0.060 to 0.090 mm 138,000 N

ISOSTATIC AA-1009-2 Sleeve Bearings

195 kN 1.1 mm
163 mm 158 mm

ISOSTATIC AA-1009-3 Sleeve Bearings

0.335 kN 14 kN
33 M06110

ISOSTATIC AA-1009 Sleeve Bearings

170 mm 350 kN
112,5 mm 43 mm

ISOSTATIC AA-1009-8 Sleeve Bearings

95506 53000 lbf
0.14 in 5.75 in

ISOSTATIC AA-1009-5 Sleeve Bearings

30203J 13000 r/min
17x40x13.25 20,6 kN

ISOSTATIC AA-1008-1 Sleeve Bearings

13.1 130x60x31
118 mm 112 mm

ISOSTATIC AA-1008-10 Sleeve Bearings

140 mm 80
80x140x26 26

ISOSTATIC AA-1008-2 Sleeve Bearings

900 mm 750
900 755 mm

ISOSTATIC AA-1008-6 Sleeve Bearings

16 mm 31,5 kN
78 mm 13,5 mm

ISOSTATIC AA-1008-11 Sleeve Bearings

AXK 3047 2
2 mm 30

ISOSTATIC AA-1008-14 Sleeve Bearings

35 mm 100
35x100x30 30 mm